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> To “the document of approved form on sex reassignment” – through the federal clinical recommendations

Release of "FtM Phoenix" Group from 12.09.2014


> How It Feels to Be a Transgender Activist in Russia translation

Experience of Kirill Sabir, Head of "FtM Phoenix" Group


> Dura lex…     > ...Sed lex

Court decisions on sex change (in Russian)


> Boys don't cry

The story of the FtM transsexual from Armenia (in Russian)


> Discrimination against transgender persons must no longer be tolerated

The Viewpoint of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe


> Sclerosis and ignorance don't depend on sexual orientation

Kirill Sabir's reply to "Readiness for the Gay Pride" article by Interfax (in Russian)


> LGBT activism: the fight with discrimination

Interview with Debora Lambillotte by "Me" magazine


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