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Our History & Goals


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     Our History and Goals


     Our Group made itself known for the first time in May, 2008 although it had started to form about two years earlier, from a circle of friends united by common “interest”. Today, the Group also includes people united by common fate and ideas each of us has more or less lived through the transition from female to male (FtM) or from male to female (MtF). Accordingly, the founding principle of our Group is simple: we want people who have to change their sex to live easier lives. And, of course, we want to help those around us: parents, spouses, friends, colleagues, doctors, and teachers – in a word, everybody. Today media efforts to describe transsexuals and intersex people (hermaphrodites) are becoming more frequent, but we can’t call all of these programs good. Even when so, its effect looks like breaking a fly upon the wheel: audiences watch, discuss and forget. And the trans or the intersex person continues to face the same problems every day. As practice shows, to understand – to feel – such a specific situation in its entirety can only a person living within it. Everyone, however, can help to solve problems that trans and intersex people face. We believe that it isn’t worth waiting until everything changes by itself – it is necessary to act!

     Our mission: To contribute to improvement of the situation of transsexual individuals (FtM / MtF) and to development of the trans community in Russia and the former USSR.

     In other words, we feel it our duty to take care of the next generation of transsexuals (as of ourselves, though). The Appeal to UN, WHO and States of the World reflect our views in this regard the most completely. Besides that, we believe that friendship is over politics and stronger than borders!

     We declare the following principles of the Group:

         Participation in the Group is exclusively voluntary. It isn’t commercial and the Group doesn’t formally employ any participants, meaning that all work is done by participants only during their personal free time.

         Key factors of participants’ joint work and of their dealings with outside actors are mutual respect, responsibility and professionalism. We respect any opinions and arguments but reserve the right to hold another point of view. When taking a stand on a position, the interests of the Group are prioritised and the position will be taken only after discussion of the question. The privilege to state the agreed-upon position of the Group on any question belongs to the Head of the Group. As needed, the right to state the position can be delegated by the Head of the Group to any other participant of the Group.

         We base our work on the principle of harmonization of relationships. This means that we consciously refuse to partake of any activity that is likely to lead us to irreconcilable confrontation with the authorities or particular groups within society. Therefore, the participants of the Group have no right to use the name of the Group for purposes of civil protest (picketing, demonstration, and so on). However, the private protection or expression of any participant’s beliefs and interests by any legal method is welcomed.


     Our activities


     Main areas of our work today include:

>> representation, advocacy and lobbying of trans community's interests in public authorities, international structures, professional circles, lesbian / gay communities etc. (everywhere as needed);

>> holding events directed at raising awareness of the target audience in sex reassignment issues (seminars, discussions, conferences etc.);

>> promotion of development of knowledge in gender theory and gender identity areas (writing theses of presentations, exchange of information with Western colleagues, translation and adaptation of relevant materials);

>> individual counseling on hormonal replacement therapy, exchange of identity papers, preparation of judicial proceedings etc.;

>> organizing of competent medical care (if possible, the free of charge care).

      About concrete acts of our Group in the named areas read in Annual Reports.

      For useful practical information see "Articles and materials" section.


     Participants of the Group


Kirill, Russia – Head of the Group, in 2004-2006 active author of various materials at www.ftmperehod.com known as Sangre;

Kellan, USA – Deputy Head of the Group.


     Our Contacts


* arastan@rambler.ru

      For representatives of mass media

Join us!

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