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Results of the open discussion

     On May 25, 2009 in the office of the MHG took place an open discussion Transsexuals have Right!.

     Key participants:

Okulov Aleksey Borisovich – professor, surgeon, member of the Professional Association of Andrologists of Russia, deputy chief editor of “Andrology and Genital Surgery” magazine;

Kalinchenko Svetlana Yurievna – MD, endocrinologist and andrologist, member of the European Urologist Association;

Kirill – Head of “FtM Phoenix” Group, author of www.aronbelkin.narod.ru.

About the discussion

     This open discussion was stood by a few it turned out quite difficult to combine views of the parties united by a common problem. And, nevertheless, 1.5 hour later the round table remained round.

     There were discussed such questions as:

definition of the term "transsexualism";

diagnostic criteria of transsexualism (including differentiation with other states);

transsexuals' state in Russian society;

topical problems of the Russian practice in sex reassignment and ways of their solution.

     As a result, key participants have unambiguously agreed that a stumbling block is continuing absence of the standard form of the medical document on sex reassignment. The reason of it has been recognised as absence of the system approach to a complex of sex reassignment issues, first of all, in the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation. The offered ways of solution of the question are accepted to work by the "FtM Phoenix" Group.

     We remind you that the open discussion is our

DAY of fight for transsexuals' rights

What kind of Day is this?

      The International Day against homophobia is celebrated more than in fifty countries of the world since 2005 on the occasion of homosexuality elimination from the list of mental diseases on May 17, 1990. At present the Day is officially recognised by the European Parliament, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Mexico, Costa Rica, etc.

      As human rights concerning transsexuals are violated often enough, May 17, 2009 is announced as the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. In Russia we have decided to avoid "high-flown" expressions and to hold a Day of Fight for Transsexuals' Rights.

Why "for transsexuals rights"?

      First, we don't want at all to be "against", we want to be "for"! Second, there is a stable tendency to put problems of transsexuals and gays together as they say, all those are minorities. But even this argument is disputable as the transsexual after sex change can have no difference from other, so-called normal, people. In particular, transsexuals after sex change are far from showing specific sexual behaviour and, hence, do not require any special recognition by society. At the same time, sex change means a number of legal and medical procedures in which the homosexual community is not interested. Third, it is too often that mass-media, striving to make their headlines striking, saleable cross out from the wording "sexual orientation and gender identity" the last part. We have decided to help them with editing and cross out the "odd" ourselves.

What rights are necessary to transsexuals?

      First of all, we consider, that we have the right for elimination of transsexualism from the list of mental diseases. Transsexuality is a complex condition, but it is not more pathologic in the mental aspect than, for example, homosexuality. Even criminals are not send one and all for psychiatric examination, but transsexuals are always send and first of all to psychiatrists. But even this is not terrible. It is terrible that the psychiatrist should observe the patient for long weeks, months, and sometimes almost years to make sure in transsexual's sanity and in need of the sex change itself. The fact remaining surprising and incomprehensible is that neither work, nor studying or any other kind of adaptation in society are recognised as a sufficient evidence of the transsexual's mental health sufficient to move, at last, from the research of the patient to his examination.

      But even when, it would seem, everything is finished - documents are changed, surgeries are done a number of questions are left open. For example, in the light of demographic crisis, by which some statesmen cover themselves, the unconditional right of transsexuals for adoption is still silent. Though how can we talk about this while the very procedure of sex change has been "unfinished" since 1998?..

What is possible to do in one day?

      In the world there already have taken place many of very different events and actions, for example: the World Congress against homophobia and transphobia in France (under the governmental support of France, Norway and the Netherlands), a Day in hand (the initiative from the UK), "Rainbowflash" (the initiative from Russia), etc.

Our contribution: the open discussion "Transsexuals have Right!" (see above).

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