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Okulov Aleksey Borisovich

     Aleksey Borisovich Okulov is a professor, Head of the Department of Paediatric Surgery at the Russian Medical Academy of Advanced Studies. He is an author of two monographs and more than 300 scientific publications. He is a participant of international conferences and symposia on paediatric surgery, gynaecology and andrology. The main area of his work is surgery of endocrine system. Under his direction were defended one doctoral and nine candidate's theses.
     Son of Aleksey Borisovich, Eugene Alekseyevich Okulov, is a paediatric surgeon, a candidate of medical science, a senior scientific officer of the Surgical Department of the Paediatric Research Institute at the Scientific Centre of Children Health under RAMS. He graduated from the Russian State Medical University in 1992, speciality: "Paediatrics". He finished clinical studies in 1994, speciality: "Paediatric Surgery". In 2000 he defended his candidate's thesis. Speciality: paediatric surgery, paediatric coloproctology, paediatric androgynaecology.

Okulov A.B., Negmadzhanov B.B., Surgical diseases of reproductive system and sextransforming surgeries: A guide for doctors. – M.: Medicine, 2000. – 304 p., ill. 3000 print. copies; ISBN: 5-225-04202-3

Okulov A.B., Negmadzhanov B.B., Surgical diseases of reproductive system and sextransforming operations: A guide for doctors.

     The work is dedicated to surgical correction of disorders of sexual development issues, including transsexualism. The basis of the Guide is twenty-year experience of surgical treatment of 5620 patients with sex organ anomalies at the age from two months to forty-two years. Proposed original methods of formation of artificial organs preserve capability of childbearing function, favour the sexual and social adaptation of patients.
     For general and paediatric surgeons, paediatricians, urologists, gynaecologists, endocrinologists, sexual pathologists.


     Problems that surgeon Okulov solves, include:

Details of surgeries performed:

– in Moscow (colleague's opinion at www.bessmertie.ru, 2006);

     Almost 20 years ago in one of Moscow's maternity hospitals was born a boy with prenatal testis torsion and its necrosis. Because of this congenital pathology doctors had to perform castration on the first day. Parents of the small child, a very young married couple then, became to doubt if they need to keep that sort of child in their family. But paediatric surgeons come to rescue them – Academician S. Doletskiy and Professor A. Okulov who addressed me with suggestion to try to transplant a testis taken from another child who was lost during preterm delivery. The surgery was effective, and the transplanted testis coalesced. At the moment of surgery the patient was less than of one month old.

     Twenty years have passed, and out first patient became a handsome young man without any signs of hermaphroditism what often happens in case of insufficiency of male hormones.

– in Abakan, Khakass Republic (journalist Maria Pronina, 2006);

     For many inhabitants of Khakassia it became a sensation that in our Abakan in "Euromedsurgery" took place the first and, in my opinion, the unique sex change surgery. Thereby Khakassia became to show itself as a successful region due to that in medicine has formed a private system able to raise the level of health care.

     Andrey, a nurse boy of one of Abakan health care institutions, is left in the past already. That young man who was eager to change his sex and had been saving money for that for all his life disappeared. He was lucky as a few, his dream has come true. And a new person appeared – Vika.

     And all has started when specialists from "Euromedsurgery" disinterestedly took up his recourse. For a half of the year before surgery Andrey was taking hormonal preparations. And doctors, meanwhile, were practising with their colleagues in Moscow. Having accumulated necessary knowledge and experience, local surgeons could but not dared to perform the surgery without assistance as far as it was the first one in Siberia. Therefore, from Moscow was invited Aleksey Borisovich Okulov, a professor who performs the sextransforming surgeries, and who, together with his assistant and doctors of the clinic, has performed a six-hour surgery which was the main stage of the correction.

     So it's all over now. Present Vika feels well. The surgery was effective. The new life of a new person has begun.

– in Kaluga (opinion of Kirill, Head of the "FtM Phoenix" Group, 2008).

     I've started to plan my mastectomy long ago. Earlier than I received the permit for it. Why? Firstly, this surgery is necessary because it is impossible to "hide" endlessly under the clothes. Secondly, it is necessary to define in advance who and where will perform surgery on you. And, finally, it is necessary to earn money for the surgery.

     Initially I've chosen a surgeon Okulov for his extensive experience – I wanted to be sure that on the surgical table everything would go well – and advice of presently deceased Prof. Belkin. After that I've studied the results of surgeries, learnt the methodology of their performance, communicated with Aleksey Borisovich in person, and I wasn't disappointed either – he is a real Doctor, of those who does everything to help to the patient. Most unfortunately, Aleksey Borisovich is working at the children's hospital and there he can't help adult patients. I tackled to solve this problem myself. In Moscow stay in a hospital for transsexual people costs a pretty penny and I never had possibility to spend money like water. We conferred with Aleksey Borisovich, and he gave his consent to go to the place where the surgery would be performed. Then, as a citizen of the respective region, I addressed the Ministry of Health Care and Social Development of the Kaluga Oblast with request to consider the possibility for Prof. Okulov to perform mastectomy using the facilities of one of the Ministry's clinical entities in charge. As far as the issue isn't one of the simplest I've called and then came for a meeting to the MHCSD of Kaluga Oblast. And I'm very grateful that they met me halfway. I'd like to thank the Deputy Chief of Health Administration – Chief of the Department of Arrangement of Medical Aid to Populace I. Nikolayev, and also the executing officer for my request – Chernov Nikolay Andreyevich. The surgery took place in our best medical complex SIHC "Kaluga regional hospital", and Prof. Okulov Aleksey Borisovich performed it.

     To all who is reading this, I want to tell – don't be afraid of and don't be shy to ask for help! Find people who will help you. They definitely exist!

     Prof. Okulov Aleksey Borisovich is working in Tushinskaya municipal hospital of Moscow (Geroyev Panfilovtsev Str. 28, "Skhodnenskaya" underground railway station, then tram 6, or trolleybus 70, or bus 43, 267, 782): (495) 948-62-21, after 1 p.m.

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