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Транс-Здоровье СНГ

CIS Trans Health

November 11-12, 2013, Moscow


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Dear Colleagues,


"FtM Phoenix" Group and menZDRAV Foundation supported by the Open Society Foundations are pleased to invite you to professional Conference “CIS Trans Health” that will take place on November 11-12, 2013 in Moscow (Russia).


The Conference is a tribute to the memory of eminent Soviet-Russian psychiatrist Professor Aron Belkin (1927-2003) who dedicated over forty years of his professional life to solving medical and administrative and legal issues related to sex reassignment.


In the programme of the Conference we will review an interrelated spectrum of problems on organizing care and treatment of patients with discomfort about their gender identity within the following areas:

  • Psychiatry, Psychology;
  • Jurisprudence.


During the Conference will be distributed the Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People, version 7, of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health and other specialized materials in Russian.


We will be happy to welcome you in Moscow!



The programme of professional Conference "CIS Trans Health" consists of panel discussions that will allow participants to present at most their experience in organizing care and in treatment of patients with discomfort about their gender identity, as well as to jointly find the solutions for backlog of questions.

To read the final programme for 2013


The Programme announced earlier was postponed for 2014! Please follow the updates at this website.



Applications for reports corresponding to subject sets of the Conference are accepted through the registration form of the participant by November 1, 2013, 6 pm Moscow time.

When filling in your application, please indicate the type (Power Point presentation, oral/paper report, other) and language of your report!

After the Conference, the Organizing Committee plans to upload the presentations to the organizers' websites.



Thanks to support of the Open Society Foundations, the Conference Organizing Committee has available a limited number of fellowships to cover travel or/and accommodation costs for participants from CIS countries, South Caucasus, and Baltic States: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Estonia. Applications for fellowships are accepted through the registration form of the participant by October 22, 2013, 6 pm Moscow time.


Participants from countries that are not listed above should cover themselves all expenses related to participation in the Conference. The Conference Organizing Committee, if participant requests, may provide an official Letter of Invitation with signature and stamp of the host organisation.



To participate in the Conference, all participants should fill in a registration form and send it via email to the Conference Organizing Committee at transzdorov2013@gmail.com. Unregistered persons will not be allowed to participate!



With all your questions please refer to the Conference Organizing Committee at transzdorov2013@gmail.com.
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