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Prof. Aron Belkin       On April 27, 2003 Dr. Aron Isaakovich Belkin, a professor of medicine, the president of the Russian Psychoanalytical Society, editor-in-chief of the magazine "The Psychoanalytical Herald", and the head of the Federal Psycho-Endocrinological Centre passed away at the age of 76.
     He spent nearly 50 years, from his time as a graduate student up to his appointment as the head of the National Psycho-Endocrinological Centre, at the Psychiatric Research Institute attached to the Ministry of Public Health. During his scientific and medical career, Dr. Belkin made an inestimable contribution to the development of the Research Institute as Russia's leading psychiatric institution.
     In 1972, a psychiatric group was created under his guidance, and in 1975, he became the head of the independent new Department of Psychiatric Endocrinology, the first of its kind in Russia. Dr. Belkin's work in the field of the relationship between the functioning of the endocrine glands and neuropsychological disorders underlies many of the theoretical and practical aspects of modern psychiatric endocrinology. He developed recommendations for hormone regimens in psychiatric therapy and pioneered the classification of hormones according to their properties as psychotropic drugs. In addition, Dr. Belkin's writings on gender identity, based on masses of clinical material, became primer-like guides to practice for psychiatrists, psychosexual therapists, psychotherapists, endocrinologists, and psychologists.
     Dr. Belkin was famous for his attention to his students and for his productive relationships with other professionals in the field, and disciples of his ideas can be found in many countries around the world.
     His monographs have attracted a wide following both in Russia and abroad, particularly his "Neuropsychological Disturbances in Thyroid Gland Disorders," "Biological Therapy and Mental Illness," and "Hormones and the Brain". His other popular psychological works include "Why Are We Like This?", "Fate and Power", "Zhirinovsky's Epoch", "The Smell of Money", "The Third Sex: Fates of Nature stepchildren", and "Leaders or Ghosts".

     As the author of a renewal in the practice of psychoanalysis in Russia, Dr. Belkin enjoyed worldwide renown.
     People came to him for medical advice from all corners of the Soviet Union.

     Memory of Aron Isaakovich Belkin will always remain in our hearts.

Colleagues, disciples, friends and grateful patients

Author of the Site thanks Boldova Eugenia Gennadievna for the data afforded

     He had passed away. A man with vivid eyes, subtle sense of humour, "the customary pipe in his mouth" and a very expressive whisper. He couldn't speak well something was wrong with his voice. Him Him! the Genius of his profession even the most titled colleagues couldn't heal. But perhaps he was the only one who had something except regalia but worth any titles. It was Humaneness. He was taking up those who didn't hope any more to get help; those whom local doctors – didn't know what to do or didn't want to get involved with unconventional patients – sent to Moscow. And people were going and coming to that man who could hear, understand and support. He was predicting and deciding fates – he was taking upon himself responsibility of choice and retribution for mistakes. He proved, convinced, persuaded: He was ill in his soul for his patients and that's why for many of them He was a spiritual Father. Those children can never forget Him. May Your memory live forever, a Doctor and a Man!

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